She grows in my garden

She grows in my garden

she grew through the cracks
absorbing what she could
even getting stepped on
where she stood
yet she worked and worked
and stretched up to the sun
she held firm
she wasn’t done
until her leaves so long
blanketed the ground
and her dainty petals
blushed the air around

she had found her place in the world

~ the weeds in my garden are beautiful



lost, I am

have been for a while

have been for how long now

this maze

it’s you

your vines

wrapped around

my feet

and toes


but if you let me

I’ll soothe your feather skin

lost, I am

but I don’t mind to stay



these days it’s so hard being a word artist

popping out words like pills

choosing them carefully

the right combination 

to stir feelings and thoughts

to get a reaction

well here’s a reaction

this right here

I’m so aware of me

of you reading me

I don’t know what I am any more


I want to be more

more than just the words on this page

and on this screen